Frequently Asked Questions

What does the spray contain?

The spray contains the purest carefully sourced Aqua, Magnesium Chloride, Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride and trace minerals. The spray does not contain any man-made preservatives, fragrance or colouring, to keep it as pure as possible for daily use.

How does it actually work?

The high strength pure, natural minerals and in particular, magnesium in our sleep spray are quickly absorbed by the skin, calming the nervous system ready for a really sound night's sleep. The pure minerals work together with the body’s own sleep hormone, melatonin and the body's available vitamin D. Giving the skin a generous dose of this vital mineral at bedtime is the perfect way to doze off and sleep 'Like A Log'!  So use eight or ten sprays or more for maximum effect.

Does having low magnesium levels cause sleep difficulties?

Absolutely. Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium, contained in the spray, are vital for a good night's sleep.  Having low magnesium levels in the body can make it difficult to get to sleep, and may mean one wakes constantly during the night. Other problems like cramp and restless leg syndrome are also clues that more of these important minerals are required. Magnesium in particular cannot be stored in the body, but is needed every day for vital functions including sleep. Using our topical spray every night, will quickly bring your mineral levels up to where they should be, and maintain optimal levels, as they are absorbed into the skin.

How long will it take before I notice the difference?

Many of our testers have reported a better night's sleep from first use of the spray, and for others, it takes two weeks or so. Optimal mineral levels are usually noticed after about a month of continuous use.

Can I use the spray during pregnancy?

Yes. The spray is absolutely pure and obtains no perfumes or additives. Only naturally occurring minerals from the world's purest and most unpolluted source, and purified water are used in the spray, so it is safe and indeed beneficial to use on the skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I use the spray on children?

Because it is so pure, you can use the spray on children in smaller amounts. Try applying the spray to the soles of the feet of children under three, and always test a little first on very young children.

Magnesium contained in the spray is as important for healthy bones and teeth as calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D are. It is only through magnesium that bones become truly strong. Consequently, an adequate supply of magnesium is particularly important for children and teenagers, whose bone structure and teeth are developing.

What is the best way to apply the spray if it tingles during the first test amount?

Always apply a small amount first on the forearms, and if you experience a tingling sensation, try using it on the tougher skin of the palms of hands and soles of feet before building up to using it on the legs arms or body. never apply to shaved or broken skin as it will sting. As your mineral levels increase the tingle should stop. You can dilute the spray with a little distilled or filtered, boiled water if it helps. If the tingling is too intense and you feel you must rinse off the spray, try to wait for about ten minutes to allow it time to absorb into the skin. Ideally sleep with the spray on for an all night mineral boost!

Can I drink the spray?

Our spray is carefully developed for use on the skin, and we advise against using it internally.

Can the spray be applied to the elderly?

Older people can also benefit greatly from the additional intake of magnesium contained in the spray, as our ability to extract minerals from our diet decreases with age. Not only does the spray help with sleep in the elderly, but also research has shown that magnesium plays a significantly more important role in bone stability than was previously assumed. The body cannot utilise calcium correctly where a magnesium deficiency exists. Healthy bones appear to be dependent on magnesium as well, and not only on calcium, as was previously assumed. Magnesium also appears to help with the absorption of vitamin D and can reduce the risk of developing type two the kidneys rid the body of any excess minerals, anyone with kidney failure should not use the spray except under Doctors guidance.

Is there anyone who should not use the spray?

It is difficult to use too much of the mineral spray as excess amounts of essential minerals in the body are removed by the kidneys in the urine. However as a precaution, people with serious kidney disease or who are on dialysis should consult with their doctor before using the spray.

Can the spray benefit me in other ways?

It can help with the following:- Migraine - Helps regulate blood pressure - For healthy bones and teeth - For the heart and circulation - For healthy blood pressure - For the metabolism - For muscle cramps - For eczema and healthy skin - For healthy joints - For period pains and menopause complaints - For stress and sleeping problems - For a weak immune system - For mood, depression and anxiety - For diabetes - and in anti-aging therapy.

What is the importance of magnesium and minerals contained in the spray?

Magnesium is known as a mineral for inner peace and also as the power mineral. No other vital substance makes us resilient to stress and quietens our nervous system whilst at the same time, providing us with strength and energy we need every day as magnesium. Magnesium is arguably one of the most important mineral for human beings, because it cannot be accumulated, (like calcium for example) but must be taken on a daily basis. Magnesium plays a key role in our hectic lifestyles. How we feel, whether we are able to master our daily challenges, and how much energy and strength we have – both physically and mentally – largely depends on the magnesium availability in our body. Using 'Like a Log Sleep Spray' on a daily basis will significantly boost the levels of magnesium and essential minerals in the body.

Can I use the spray if I am taking medication?

Being a completely natural mineral spray, our product is suitable for most people of all ages to use, but if you are in any doubt it is nest to check with your healthcare practitioner and explain you want to use “Like a Log” sleep spray, and that it contains magnesium.

Can I use on sensitive skin?

Please note some new users may find the spray tingles a little on their skin. If this occurs, spray on the palms of the hands or sole of the foot to start with and build up slowly. You may be a little low on magnesium, and your skin is hungrily absorbing the magnesium in the spray! Hence the tingle. Carefully avoid using the spray on broken or freshly shaved skin, or patches of eczema.

Like a Log Sleep Spray is simple to use and effective, as demonstrated by Beatrice aged 3

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