About Us

Inside the Alibilis laboratory
Peter & Jacqueline

With the recent lockdown, and all the worries that came with a rapidly changing world, we noticed that on talking to friends and family, poor sleep was a topic that came up time and time again, and it’s something that we ourselves struggled with too, which isn’t great as a good night's sleep is important for the immune system. We set about sourcing the purest minerals and decided to produce a topical spray which would deliver the much needed minerals deep into the skin, supporting a natural sleep rhythm, using no artificial perfumes, preservatives or colourants to keep the solution as pure as possible.

Our experience in design meant that we could work quickly to come up with an exciting look and packaging for the product and a stylish and easy to use website giving us a way to get our product out to waiting customers.

Feedback has been amazing, with customers reporting a startling improvement. So we hope you enjoy using our “Like a Log sleep spray” and that it will be the first of many orders for you. We like to keep one bottle on each side of the bed so we can apply the spray quickly and easily, just before we turn out the lights, and we hope you will soon be enjoying a much more sound nights sleep too.

It is our firm intent to offer other products to really help give a boost to the immune system in the future, using the purest ingredients, and it's our privilege to be able to help people in this way, so watch this space for more offerings!

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